Our philosophy

Over 10 years of Voluntary services and sustentability activities and projects in Africa and Argentina

We believe in driving businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of our environment. Our working guidelines are aligned with the care of the community and the environment: we encourage our collaborators, suppliers and clients to embrace our principles.

Our values ​​in action

We support initiatives with a positive impact on education, employment, housing, health and community development. Our strategy follows the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations within the Millenium Development Goals.

End of poverty, greater equality.

Techo para mi pais (roof for my country)

The NGO is present in 19 Latin American countries. Their objective is to help overcome the situation of poverty in which millions of people are living in popular settlements through programs to improve precarious housing.

El Camino a Jericó

Argentine organization that assists homeless people, giving them temporary lodging where they provide therapeutic and health support to achieve their recovery.

Fundación Progresar

Argentine NGO, present in Derqui, Pilar. Oriented to personal and social development through education and community strengthening programs.

Quality Education

Reciduca Foundation

Argentine NGO that seeks to reduce high school dropouts through personal development and job training programs.

Fundación Patagonia

Argentine NGO for agro-technical training in rural areas.

Rio Muerto School

Educational establishment in Chaco that receives students from rural and vulnerable areas.

Mother Teresa School

Educational institution that receives students in vulnerable conditions and provides omprehensive support to their families.

Health & Wellness

Austral Solidarity Hospital

High complexity hospital built to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. It has a capacity of 60 intensive care beds and is intended for vulnerable people without medical insurance.

Covid 19 Donation

Manufacture and donation of 4000 personal protection elements (masks) for different public and private institutions in the country. In this way, health personnel could be protected so that they can do their work in a safer way.

Production and donation of 4000 personal protective equipment (face masks) for both public and private institutions in Argentina. In this way, we were able to protect health personnel and improve their safety during work.